Machine Vision systems are central in a wide variety of applications including Factory Automation, Retail, Traffic & Transportation and Medical & Life Sciences.
  • Agriculture

    Monitoring and process analysis that reduces cost and increases efficiency.

  • Factory Automation
    Factory Automation

    Pattern and characteristic identification in a wide variety of industrial fields.

  • Logistics

    From postal sorting and in-house logistics to driver-less transport vehicles, cargo and palleting/depalleting.

  • Medical & Life Sciences
    Medical & Life Sciences

    Detailed observation, differentiation and analysis of the finest structures in materials and biological samples.

  • Retail

    Fraud prevention, product handling and customer identification.

  • Security & Surveillance
    Security & Surveillance

    Thanks to the installation of surveillance cameras, robberies have significantly decreased.

  • Sports & Motion
  • Traffic & Transportation
    Traffic & Transportation

    Machine Vision Cameras used for Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) deliver high-quality images even under challenging weather conditions.