Fraud prevention, product handling and customer identification.

Retail requires reliable camera technology for various uses, such as self check-out systems, reverse vending machines or automated teller machines (ATM). Machine Vision cameras can also be used for the detection of customer numbers and behavior.

Automated retail systems support the end user during sales process as well as simplify shopping and paying. These include money machines, kiosk systems, check-out solutions and machines for the return of items. Digital image processing is utilized to support interaction with the customer, check and monitor the issuing of goods.


Machine vision cameras effectively prevent fraud (skimming).

Check-Out systems

Cameras detect bar codes and recognize products directly.

Reverse Vending machines

Machine vision cameras indentify the goods being returned.

Vending Machines/Kiosk systems

Reliable issuing of merchandise as well as customer identification and guidance.

Recognition & Counting

In large shops or shopping malls, the number of customers present in the business or location through the use of digital cameras, help store owners to determine where they should place certain items and effectively target customers.