From cameras and lenses to lighting and enclosures, Develop Vision offers the most advanced tools in Machine Vision applications.
  • Area Scan Cameras
    Area Scan Cameras

    Area Scan cameras are used in the majority of Machine Vision applications featuring a large matrix of image pixels that generates two-dimensional images in one exposure cycle.

  • Line Scan Cameras
    Line Scan Cameras

    Highly sensitive, line scan cameras are suited for applications that need high speeds and exceptional image quality.

  • 3D Cameras
    3D Cameras

    3D image processing has been a fast-growing entry in industrial image processing, opening an ever-growing range of possibilities.

  • Lenses

    Quality, price-performance ratio and supplier's reliability are the deciding factors when choosing the optimal lens.

  • Lighting

    Intelligent lighting solutions for your Machine Vision system

  • Enclosures

    Find the enclosure that fits perfectly and protects your Machine Vision camera

  • AI Visual Inspection
    AI Visual Inspection

    PEKAT VISION¬© is a software for industrial visual inspection and quality assurance‚Äč based on AI