Area Scan Cameras

Area Scan cameras are used in the majority of Machine Vision applications featuring a large matrix of image pixels that generates two-dimensional images in one exposure cycle.
  • Ace 2 Series
    Ace 2 Series

    One camera series, two product lines. Always the right choice!

  • Ace Series
    Ace Series

    Small, affordable and highly productive

  • Aviator Series
    Aviator Series

    High performance, exceptional image quality, outstanding price/performance ratio

  • Beat Series
    Beat Series

    Brilliant CMOS image quality and proven design

  • Boost Series
    Boost Series

    CoaXPress 2.0 interface for high resolutions and bandwidths

  • Dart Series
    Dart Series

    Smallest board level design and highly flexible

  • Pilot Series
    Pilot Series

    Excellent image quality, slim design, easily integrated

  • Pulse Series
    Pulse Series

    A compact and low weight camera, with elegant design

  • Scout Series
    Scout Series

    Proven worldwide for its versatility