Factory Automation

Pattern and characteristic identification in a wide variety of industrial fields.

Machine vision cameras are used in automated processes to recognize patterns and characteristics in a wide variety of industrial fields. From electronics and semiconductor inspection to robotics, postal sorting and printed image quality assurance, these systems automate processes and recognize characteristics.

Automotive Industry

Cutting edge technology and modern image processing guarantee the highest quality standards.


Image processing systems bring sight to robotic applications.

Electronics & Semiconductors

Electronic components are reducing in size and production lines speed up, setting increased requirements for optical inspection systems.


Digital camera systems allow the automation of production processes and quality controls to boost efficiency.

Food & Beverages

Quality assurance cameras meet the rising standards in food and production processes with shorter cycles.

Pharma & Healthcare

Inspection systems utilizing machine vision cameras ensure compliance to high quality standards and legal regulations.

Printing & Webbed Materials

Inspection systems with line scan cameras ensure consistent print quality and incredible speed.