Quality, price-performance ratio and supplier's reliability are the deciding factors when choosing the optimal lens.
  • Basler Lenses
    Basler Lenses

    The matching lens for any sensor size. In respect of the broad diversity of sensor sizes on the market, producers typically offer concrete recommendations about which lens format best fits their sensors. The Basler ace cameras and Basler Lenses 1/2.5″ offer a good example of harmonizing resolutions between products:

  • CF-ZA-1S Series
    CF-ZA-1S Series

    4D High Resolution with 1.1" large image sensor support

  • HF-12M Series
    HF-12M Series

    4D High resolution compatible with 2/3" to 1" image sensors

  • HF-HA-1S Series
    HF-HA-1S Series

    High resolution lenses

  • HF-SA Series
    HF-SA Series

    High resolution lenses

  • HF-XA-5M Series
    HF-XA-5M Series

    4D High resolution compatible with 2/3" to 1.1" large image sensor cameras